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Company culture

Company culture

The new image of Yuanyang brand appropriately confirms the words of a modern philosopher: when a company has a culture, it is like a person has thought, and only in this way can the enterprise progresses aggressively.
Culture, as a resource, is regarded as the soul and the core value system of Yuanyang Industries, which penetrates into all aspects of the business activities, and thereby a unique corporate culture of Yuanyang was established.
  Corporate core philosophy
How far we can go depends on how far we can think. 
How far we can go depends on how far we can think. This is the mainstream values and spiritual pursuits of the times, as well as the strong belief and the core concept of Yuanyang. Thought is the flower of the most vigorous life, a symbol of wisdom, indicating loftiness, broadness, profoundness and infinity. Thought stretches continuously, linking the past, present and future; it crosses time and space, and transcends the past. Actions extend to where thoughts can reach. Following the direction of thoughts, the company will have unlimited possibilities for development…… Under the guidance of thoughts, we are not hesitated, but vigorous and resolute; we practice the loftiness of thoughts with bold determination, strong and effective actions, to create a first-class enterprise and realize the grand goal of building a bigger, stronger, and longer enterprise. 
Corporate spirit
Pragmatic, pushing excellence and striving for the first class status 
"Pragmatism” is the attitude and style of work, the fundamental character of a person and the principle of doing things. “We do not rely on theories or authority, but on reality”. Everything we is based on reality; we do practical things and seek actual results;
“Pursuing excellence” is the guiding ideology; first, we need to build an excellent and strong enterprise, and then continuously pursue the development and growth of the enterprise; we pursue perfection at work, pay attention to efficiency and effectiveness, and purse excellence;
"Striving” is to promote the team spirit, make constant innovation, and jointly create a better future of the enterprise;
“For the first class status" indicates advancing the times, reflecting the relentless pursuit of the enterprise.
Train first-class staff, create first-class products, create first-class culture, create first-class enterprise is direction of efforts of all Yuanyang people.
Business Tenet 
Revitalize the enterprise through brandname and thus repay society 
Build a staff team of a well-known brand, create brand-name products, establish a good image of a brand-name enterprise, promote the sustainable development of the enterprise, and achieve its long-term prosperity; from society and for society. We bring benefits for employees and participate in social welfare undertakings;
Actively support the national economic construction;
Branding-based enterprise revitalization is the foundation. Repaying society is the mission of Yuanyang and Yuanyang people. 
Work Style 
Be careful in developing strategies, concentrated on what we do, cautious in taking actions and magnanimous in dealing with things 
Be careful in developing strategies: selecting the right focal point by taking the global view is based on in-depth research, and the spirit of seeking truth from facts; we should establish the objective and scientific attitude, and do things conductive to the development under the guidance of thoughts.
Concentrated on what we do: single-minded, persevering, exceptionally vigorous and resolute, diligent, concentrated on work, while being innovative; to ask staff to be concentrated on their work, we should let performance to talk, establish the image through down-to-earth work, seek development by seeking truth from facts, and win hearts and minds through actual benefits.
Cautious in taking actions: self-disciplined in everything we do, cautious with every word we say; self-respect, self-reflection, self-admonition. Establish the image by paying attention to details, and attain self-discipline by establishing the system.
Magnanimous in dealing with things: broad-minded, modest, generous, and deliberate, above-deck, down-to-earth, to create a century-old cause with a broad mind.