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leader's speech

leader's speech


Dear Friends, First of all, on behalf of Yuanyang Industries, I would like to express my sincere thanks to leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life for their support throughout our growth and development in the past, at present and in the future!
Bold Yuanyang-
Yuanyang is holding up high the banner "God helps those who help themselves, and those who help others are helped by others”. Along the way on which they have shed sweat, and left footprints, Yuanyang Industries has been cherishing conscience and integrity, and has achieved fruitful results.
Sober Yuanyang-
Yuanyang Industries has a sound network of people, and a good reputation, which is the comment from many people, but we cannot forget that in more than a decade of trials and hardships, we have been keeping in mind the famous motto of Emerson: "To have a friend, you must first be a friend," and we dare not to forget the old saying in “Zhou Yi”, “To be helped by others, one has to be trustworthy”. With a peaceful mind, we treat people sincerely and do things in an honest way.  
Yuanyang Industries has been insisting on building a learning oriented team, which is taken as the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
Yuanyang Industries’ corporate culture has been a good example in the eyes of many people. We should always adhere to the principle of being "people-oriented, and influencing people through culture”. We emphasize the emotional culture, to achieve the beauty of harmony in the enterprise; we emphasize the service culture, to show the beauty of connotation at all levels of services; we emphasize the operation culture, and communicate with all kinds of objects on the cultural level and on a higher realm, to step on the arena of society with high character, and thus achieve the beauty of win-win situations. 
Ambitious Yuanyang -
We believe in the motto that "God helps those who help themselves, and those who help others are helped by others";
We practice the way of doing business by being “both a businessman and a cultured person, to seek ultimate sincerity and benevolence”;
We firmly believe that “the culture today is the economy of tomorrow, and the credibility today is the profits tomorrow”
"The virtuous are friendly to each other though they hold different opinions; the mean are hostile to each other when they blindly follow the others”. Learn from others, but follow our own way. Let rise among the forest of enterprises in China and the world, to realize the beautiful tomorrow in which “everyone enjoys their own harmonious life, and appreciate other’s happiness; all share their common beautiful life and a harmonious world”. 
Welcome people of insights to come to our company for a visit or business discussion.