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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Talent is the first resource of Yuanyang Group. To summarize accurately Yuanyang’s concept of employment with one sentence, it is "people-oriented, virtue first, valuing both virtue and ability”. Yuanyang has no discrimination against gender, ethnicity, or race, and strive to create a fair, open, appropriate and harmonious employment environment.
people oriented:Yuanyang Group adheres to the people-centered concept of employment; they attach importance to talents, know how to use them, provide training for them and retain qualified talents. The company gives top priority to talents, advocating relaxed and harmonious employment environment, having established and improved the employment competitive system, training system, and payment and benefit system, to provide a broad platform and stage for talents.
Virtue first:the primary criterion for Yuanyang Group to select personnel is that they “should have good work ethics and professional quality", “Virtue” is born with a person and formed over a long period of time; if a person has poor work ethic, the higher his ability is, the more he is dangerous and destructive to the team”. "Good professional ethics and professional quality" is the necessary quality and a must for Yuanyang people. 
Value both virtue and ability:While emphasizing virtue, Yuanyang Group also takes the ability and experience of talents as one of the main criteria. The company does not rely on academic performances, professional titles, seniority, or status to select a talent; as long as the talent has both virtue and ability, Yuanyang will provide a stage for them to display their talent.