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Outbound trip of Yuanyang Group - Longhu Mountains Trip
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Outbound trip of Yuanyang Group - Longhu Mountains Trip

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April 29 morning, we take a pleasant relaxed mood, With blue sky, mountains, green water and Taoism culture, vision, embarked on a trip to Lung Fu Shan, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city. Without the pressure of work, around us, only laughter.
Lung Fu Shan is indeed very suitable for tourism place. Known as the world's natural heritage, the world geological parks, national natural and cultural double inheritance, national 5A scenic spots, national forest parks, national key cultural relics protection units. The whole area area 220 square kilometers, the designation is a typical Danxia landscape, is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism. Shuitianyise, with blue sky, white clouds, secluded mountain water, beautiful, charming scenery.         
Zhang personally led the company at 8 am we arrived at the Lung Fu Shan, into the embrace of lies to feel waves Committee gathered to experience the wild life, enjoy ya meaning of life. Lung Fu Shan is the only show Jiangnan Silk Mountain, is divided into two parts xianyan rock and water, we decided to swim ROCK - Luxi River, then travel xianyan - Celestial House and Shangqing Palace.
After the ticket queue security, drove to Luxi River, into the spunk-water Rock Scenic Area, sitting on a bamboo raft, listening to the cries chant ship, watching the mountains and rock greeted suddenly remembered Winky Red star songs: small raft middle reaches of the river, towering mountains on both sides to go ...... .. We found River cliffs with caves, shapes, uneven, stacked inside the ancient coffin visible, these cliff let us marvel. I heard the other side there is a "coffin liter performance", it is said to imitate the ancients how the coffin into the tall, steep inside the cave to prevent animal attacks, it is worth a visit. We have waited curious show started. Oh, show began! The original coffin drew Peak is using the principle of fixed pulley. However, in the materials and technology behind the ancient coffin is how to be safe put it high cliff caves? It is said that has not found a reasonable answer to the wisdom of the ancients really makes us admire.
Travel over fairy rocks, we came to the Shangqing Palace, just above the door, "big Shangqing Palace" words is particularly conspicuous. A door on the ground of a Tai Chi diagram attracted me. Taiji Eight Diagrams map is surrounded yin yang, yin yang. Fearless and then to the House, the door I did not know where the original is the originator of Taoism Zhang Ling Road residence, is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism. Large front door has two pillars, they each have to write a line of words, as "sons of the gods in the unicorn off, the designation of the prime minister home." Then along the promenade to go inside, greeted by seven big thick tree. These are camphor trees, they like the random planting, but also like someone carefully planted. Later, I know, they are arranged according to the shape of the Big Dipper. Surrounded by camphor, is a stone stele from the ninth son of the Dragon King laden, some words carved above the original, but unfortunately during the "Cultural Revolution", which was damaged, the above words blurred unclear, monument also fragmented into a piece, and now we see, is reinforced with iron sheets. See relics became like this, my heart can not help but add a little sad
When faint, we walk in the sunset, marching bluestone, suddenly the sky to float the drizzle pattering Lek, towering mountains, dotted with ancient buildings together, is simply a perfect picture, painting King, King, someone, people have a dream, the dream of love, the mind naturally thrown a pleasant!
Day travel life, carefully planned and meticulous care company in the drawing on the successful close. See and hear and feel this trip, not only to enlarge our vision, and our responsibility to make expansion and dreams, because small, then we have to do things as well. Here, I again thank the company to provide us with this platform, after work, they will be more happy to whip up efforts to move forward, to create outstanding achievements for the company. With a strong cohesion and the right leadership, convinced that in the future, COSCO Group will forge ahead and flourish!
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