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The new image of sino-Ocean brand appropriately confirms what a modern philosopher once said: the enterprise has culture, just as people have ideas, and can only move forward bravely.

Culture, as a kind of resource, is regarded as the soul and core value system of the enterprise, and penetrates into every aspect of the business activities of the enterprise, thus establishing the enterprise culture with ocean-going characteristics.

Enterprise Core Concept

We can go as far as our minds go

We can go as far as our thoughts go, which is the mainstream value and spiritual pursuit of The Times, as well as the strong belief and core concept of the ocean. Thought is the most living flower, symbolizing wisdom, meaning high, broad and deep, endless. Thoughts continue, connecting past, present and future, crossing time and space, transcending the past. Think of, go to, along the direction of thought, enterprise development has infinite possibilities...... Under the guidance of thinking, we do not hesitate, vigorous action, with bold determination, strong actions to practice the lofty thinking, to create a first-class enterprise, to achieve the grand goal of becoming bigger, stronger and longer.

The spirit of enterprise

Pragmatic refinement, striving for first-class

"Pragmatic" is the work attitude and style, is to be a person's duty and work criteria, "not only books, not only the only reality" everything from the reality, do practical work, a real achievement;

"Refinement" is the guiding ideology, first do refinement and strengthen the enterprise, and then continue to pursue the development and growth of the enterprise; In the work of the pursuit of perfection, pay attention to efficiency and efficiency, excellence;

"Striving for innovation" is to advocate team spirit, continuous innovation, and jointly create a better future of the enterprise;

"First-class" to advance with The Times, reflects the unremitting pursuit of enterprises.

Cultivating first-class staff, manufacturing first-class products, creating first-class culture and shaping first-class enterprises are the direction of efforts of all yuanyang people.

Purpose of the enterprise

Famous brands return to society

Build a team of famous brand employees, create a batch of famous brand products, establish a good image of famous brand enterprises, promote sustainable development of enterprises, to achieve long-term prosperity of enterprises; Take from society, use from society. Seek welfare for employees and participate in social public welfare undertakings;

Actively supporting national economic construction;

Each brand societe Generale is the foundation, return to society is the mission of ocean and ocean people.

The style of work

Careful planning, careful doing, careful doing, honest doing

Careful planning: it is based on the overall situation, select the right focus, based on in-depth research, adhere to the spirit of seeking truth from facts, establish an objective and scientific attitude, under the guidance of thought, seek things conducive to development.

Dedication to work: is undivided attention, perseverance, is vigorous, diligent. Dedication to work, must be good at innovation; Dedication to work, we must convince people with achievements. Tree image with hard work, seeking development with practical results to win the hearts of people.

Act cautiously: everything is strict in the law, always cautious words and actions; Is to achieve self-respect, introspection, self-alarm, self-excitation. To focus on small things to build image, to focus on the system and self-discipline.

Magnanimous doing things: is broadminded, modest and treat others, a little more open-minded, more than a calm. Open and aboveboard, solid work. With a broad mind to create a great cause.

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