After-sales service

After-sales service

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Only standing in the customer's point of view for the customer, in order to really win the market. In strict accordance with the relevant policies stipulated by the state, the company adheres to the principle of user convenience and public service, and according to the continuous innovation of customer demand, improves the overall service level and enhances the added value of the brand with high quality service.

Pre-sale service

Free field visits to obtain specific data

Take customer as the center to provide customers with a variety of perfect feasibility plan for customer reference

Get the best solution for customer satisfaction


Sale service

Strictly in accordance with the national standards of the product all-weather installation and debugging

After the installation and debugging, please accept the customer and fill in the quality inspection form

Complete instructions for product use


After-sales service

Warranty service: equipment to perform ten years free warranty lifetime maintenance quickly to provide customers with the required services

After the warranty period, only material costs are charged for equipment maintenance, excluding labor costs

Telephone support: set up customer hotline to deal with customers' problems in using equipment in the first time

Version upgrade: free of charge to provide customers with related project consulting and software version upgrade

Protection service: customer tracking service free of charge for customers to carry out annual inspection and regular maintenance of jiangxi Yuanshi equipment remaining Group Youyan Company

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