Intelligent management system for guns and ammunition
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Intelligent management system for guns and ammunition

1 The platform builds an intelligent management system for military guns and ammunition,which has a complete and safe network management mode.After the network is running,the intelligent gun and ammunition cabinet can be intelligently managed through the gun and ammunition intelligent management system software.
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  1 The platform builds an intelligent management system for military guns and ammunition,which has a complete and safe network management mode.After the network is running,the intelligent gun and ammunition cabinet can be intelligently managed through the gun and ammunition intelligent management system software.

  2.As a unified management platform software,the guns and ammunition intelligent management system software is deployed on the server of the army management center.The smart gun cabinets,smart bomb cabinets,equipment cabinets and ancillary equipment belonging to each unit are connected to the bullet management software for data communication after accessing the dedicated network.

  3.The platform software adopts B/S architecture,which is easy to maintain.Use authentication mechanism to encrypt data.

  4.The platform system software consists of a special safe management system for smart guns,a special safe management system for smart ammunition,audio and video interaction subsystems,police reporting subsystems,and warehouse environment monitoring subsystems.

  5.The platform system cooperates with a special safe for smart guns,a special safe for smart ammunition,equipment cabinets,SIP phones,warehouse environment monitoring equipment,alarm interpreters,switches,servers,etc.to form a platform.

  6.The software has complete management level authority and unit structure settings,gun/bullet information collection,use of approval management,dynamic real-time supervision,special alarm prompts,internal and external environmental control,log record query,data information interaction,retrieval analysis and other functions.Achieve the purpose of"controllable temperature and humidity,great panoramic view,accessible images,and manageable throughout the process".

  7.The software has setting module,communication module,approval module,monitoring module,data module,alarm module,etc.

  8.Setting module:Fully consider the actual situation of the army,combine theoretical verification,system optimization,scientifically coordinate,and flexibly configure system interface resources and operating permissions to meet the requirements of scientific structure,reasonable configuration,and complete functions.

  9.Communication module:Use 485,TCP,UDP and other mainstream communication methods scientifically and rationally to realize the interconnection and intercommunication between software and hardware,high-speed information interaction,and overall stable and reliable operation.

  10.Approval module:Fully consider the fact that military bullets are used frequently and difficult to control due to combat readiness training,live ammunition shooting,guard duty and maintenance and other reasons,comprehensively use biometrics,Internet of Things and other technical means,and set up bullets scientifically and reasonably Use the approval process to achieve the goal of safety and efficiency.According to actual use requirements,the approval process of gun bullets for each application scenario can be set separately to meet the needs of different scenarios.Support multi-level approval.

  11.Monitoring module:By accessing the video monitoring module of the system,it supports real-time viewing,monitoring and historical playback of the indoor and outdoor environment of weapons and the storage status of guns.Comprehensive use of intelligent connection methods,set up a scattered ammunition automatic counting function module,real-time reflection of changes in ammunition quantity;set up a temperature and humidity monitoring module,real-time monitoring and display of the temperature and humidity value changes in the weapon room,can drive the temperature and humidity control terminal equipment in time to ensure temperature and humidity Always in a reasonable range.The single platform of the bullet management system can call the video monitoring module,avoiding too many platforms,causing application and data islands,which cannot be integrated.

  12.Data module:Set the corresponding fixed format through module settings,and support data batch interaction,automatic backup,timely query and remote sharing functions.

  13.Alarm module:Set up the weapon room,monitoring room,and leadership office to provide timely alarm voice prompts for abnormal and special situations.Support multi-level linkage alarm at the same time.There are more than 10 kinds of alarms,and the parameters of an alarm item can be adjusted according to actual requirements,such as return time,vibration alarm time,temperature and humidity alarm range,etc.,and the alarm can be processed continuously.

  14.Audio and video interaction subsystem:

  Support two-way audio and video intercom with the platform.

  14.1.Relying on the dedicated network of the weapon room,build an audio and video interactive subsystem through the guns and ammunition intelligent management system.Through the army guns and ammunition intelligent management system,the audio and video interactions between the army guns management center and the manager of the weapon room,the gun taker,and all personnel entering the warehouse are realized.Carry out video supervision and audio guidance on bullet management activities(use approval,maintenance,troubleshooting,etc.)in the bullet library in the weapons room.The weapon room is connected to the intelligent management platform on site,and interacts with data,audio and video.

  14.2.With the built-in infrared camera in the smart cabinet,the guns and ammunition intelligent management system can view the real-time presence information and gun status of a cabinet/gun in real time.

  14.3.Through the intelligent management system of firearms and ammunition,the video information of the warehouse can be retrieved in real time,downloaded,and historically played back the video information at a certain time.

  14.4.Through the SIP phone,remote audio calls can be used in conjunction with the video guidance library for indoor business operations,handling of police situations and other matters.

  15.Police report subsystem

  15.1.Relying on the special network of the weapons room,construct the police information broadcasting subsystem through the guns and ammunition intelligent management system.After an abnormal alarm occurs,the system will synchronously upload the alarm information to the guns and ammunition intelligent management system and convert it into a voice broadcast through the alarm interpreter.Inform in time the content of the alarm that is occurring to the warehouse personnel,the duty room personnel and the responsible leaders of the management center.

  15.2 The alarm interpreter is placed in the warehouse,the duty room,and the management center,which can simultaneously broadcast the alarm information and operation information,and the broadcast information is broadcast in Mandarin.The specific playback content can be edited and selected in the fixed template.The voice broadcast includes the unit name,library room name,bullet cabinet name,equipment type,equipment number,type,content,time and other content.Alarm types include:illegal exit,illegal entry,exit timeout,entry timeout,gun cabinet offline,humidity exceeding standard,temperature exceeding standard,etc.

  16.Warehouse environment monitoring subsystem

  16.1.Relying on the dedicated network of the weapon room,build the warehouse environment monitoring subsystem through the guns and ammunition intelligent management system.The system collects and manages the ambient temperature and humidity of the warehouse in real time,and displays the environmental values​​through the terminal display screen and the system.

  16.2.Remotely set and control the temperature and humidity thresholds of the warehouse through the system platform,and automatically start/stop the temperature and humidity equipment(explosion-proof air conditioners,explosion-proof dehumidifiers)in the warehouse that exceed or fall below the set threshold.

  17.Human-computer interaction:

  17.1 The display screen is≥8 inches,and the display screen resolution is 1280*800.

  17.2 The display has the function of automatic standby without instructions:the display is in a sleep state by default,and the display will automatically light up when there is a valid authorization,which is convenient for operation and identification.After the cabinet door is closed,the display will automatically sleep after standby for more than 5 minutes.Fingerprint authentication login,living body face authentication login,alcohol detection,according to different user permissions,check the bullet status of the permission,view the log and other functions

  17.3.The display interface shows the type and quantity of guns/ammunition/equipment in the current cabinet and the status of the guns/ammunition/equipment with the corresponding picture mark,and also displays the network status and IP address.

  18.Gun management:

  18.1.Information maintenance:The status of guns is updated and maintained,and the maintenance of technical status can be carried out in batches.Guns can be scrapped.

  19.The platform has integrated video supervision,which can be connected to the indoor and outdoor environment monitoring video of the library and the internal video monitoring of the gun cabinet,which can be switched and read under one platform.The platform can retrieve video information,download,and historical playback in real time.

  20.Management of laws and regulations:The platform can upload and distribute laws,regulations,and documents related to specific management to units at all levels.

  21.Approval verification:In the same organization,only one leader at the same time period has the permission to approve the use of guns,and the authorization can only be executed after passing the fingerprint verification.Different operation approval modes can be flexibly configured.

  22.In the case of a front-end operating system failure or power outage,the time for the system to return to working status after a power outage and restart is less than 3S.

  23.Networking requirements:

  23.1.It has remote networking capabilities and supports distributed management of guns and ammunition cabinets.When operating online,it should be able to upload operating information and gun and ammunition status information to the online management platform.

  23.2.The platform supports sub-center deployment,real-time synchronization of database data from various places,unified login addresses,and convenient operation and management.

  24.Maintenance management:The maintenance of the dynamic status information of outbound guns and ammunition is divided into normal and abnormal.The reason for the abnormality should be noted,and the reason can be customized and edited.

  25.The intelligent management system for firearms and ammunition must have a qualified inspection report issued by a third party

  26.ID card swipe to log in to the platform

  When logging in to the server through the IE browser,the external JZT-998FRD desktop resident ID card reader can be used to read the information in the resident ID card chip,such as when the read ID number matches the set ID number,Can log in automatically,no need to enter user name and password.

  Voice recording

  27.After clicking the recording button on the touch screen,the surrounding environment can be recorded through the built-in pickup.

  Wake up from standby

  28.When the touch-sensitive LCD screen is in standby and black screen state,the screen can be awakened by tapping the screen,and the authorized management personnel can wake up the screen after entering fingerprint,face or other biometric verification,and directly enter the gun/ammunition collection interface.

  29,fault diagnosis

  Personnel with management authority can diagnose faults through the touch screen,including camera,fingerprint module,gun lock,bullet drawer.

  30.Dynamic QR code

  After the gun cabinet is disconnected from the server,the operator can use the camera of the cabinet to scan the QR code within the validity period to verify and open the cabinet.After the validity period,the QR code should become invalid.

  31.Temporary authorization

  To temporarily authorize specific personnel,the authority of the authorized personnel shall be automatically lifted after the authorization period expires.

  32.Voice query function

  In the absence of environmental noise interference,you can inquire whether the guns in the gun cabinet are in place by voice.


  1 For bullet receiving application and bullet receiving approval,users can fill in the necessary information through the mobile police APP to apply for bullets and submit it to the leader for approval.After the leader completes the approval through the APP(or through the management platform),it will automatically Delivered to the terminal cabinet.

  2 For bullet cabinet maintenance application and bullet cabinet maintenance approval,the user can fill in the necessary information through the APP to apply for the bullet cabinet maintenance,such as gun maintenance,gun management,bullet management,etc.,and submit it to the leader for approval.The leader passes the APP(or through the management platform)Approval)After the approval is completed,it will be automatically issued to the terminal cabinet;

  3 The gunman can use the mobile police APP to conduct real-time video inspections on the operation status of the gun magazine and the gun magazine,and find and deal with abnormal situations in time.

  4 The gunman can remotely operate the terminal cabinet through the mobile police APP,such as sealing the cabinet,unlocking the cabinet,releasing the alarm,restarting,etc.

  5 The gunman can view the real-time video of the bullet cabinet through the mobile police APP.

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