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1. Rack server 2. The system is compatible with WindowsServer2008 and above and all linux release versions, and supports domestic operating systems.
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Intelligent management system for guns and ammunition
1 The platform builds an intelligent management system for military guns and ammunition,which has a complete and safe network management mode.After the network is running,the intelligent gun and ammunition cabinet can be intelligently managed through the gun and ammunition intelligent management system software.
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Smart short gun cabinet
1.Each cabinet adopts a 5-layer design,each layer stores 12 pistols or 12 sets of pistol protective gear,each cabinet stores a total of 60 various types of pistols,and the same number of magazines,oil cans,and straps are stored in the cabinet at the same time,Gun sights and other accessories.The layout is reasonable and beautiful,and the access does not interfere with each other.
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Smart long and short gun cabinet
1.The intelligent long and short gun cabinet adopts a three-layer setting,and a single layer stores 10 long guns or 12 short guns,a total of 20 various types of automatic rifles and 12 short guns and accessories are stored.The cabinet also stores the same number of accessories such as spikes,magazines,oil cans,straps,gun sights,etc.The layout is reasonable and beautiful,and the access does not interfere with each other.   2.The gun cabinet is made of high-quality carbon steel with double doors.The thickness of the cabinet is not less than 3mm,and the thickness of the door is not less than 3mm.It is phosphated and antirust and electrostatic sprayed.The color is military green.The steel plate meets the requirements of GB/T2374-2207.   3.A display module is installed at the appropriate position of the gun base directly below or directly above the gun base in the smart cabinet,which is used to display the gun number and the information of the gun user in real time,and accept the command and control of the gun and ammunition intelligent management system.   4.The display module display parameters in the cabinet can display at least two lines of text,each line can display 15 characters.   5.Built-in anti-flame retardant buttstock,supports various gun card positions,the width can be adjusted arbitrarily,the gun will not swing when placed;there is no static electricity on the card board,inside and outside of the cabinet.After the cabinet door is locked,the inside and outside of the cabinet are opaque.   6.In the same organization,at the same time,only one leader has the authority to approve the use of guns,and the authorization can only be executed after fingerprint verification.   7.After the network authorization is passed,the cabinet door must be opened by fingerprint lock+mechanical lock,and two persons must operate at the same time to open it.The number of fingerprints stored in the fingerprint lock:no less than 500,and the false recognition rate is less than 0.000001%.The mechanical lock should meet the requirements of 5.3 anti-drilling,anti-technical opening and 5.6 requirements in GA/T73-1994,and support dual standby mechanical locks without electricity Emergency opening.   8.Cabinet door display size is not less than 8 inches,-35℃~+55℃normal work,core A7 above,resolution not less than 1280*800 64K true color;backlight type/lifetime/brightness at least:LED/20000Hrs/350cd/㎡.The display screen displays information such as equipment name,unit of use,inventory information,etc.,which are specifically set according to Party A's requirements.   9.The cabinet display has the function of automatic standby without instructions.   10.The cabinet display is in sleep mode by default,with valid authorization or manual operation to trigger the display,ending sleep and entering the normal display interface.   11.With gun video surveillance function.At least 6 miniature infrared automatic light-filling cameras(effective pixels not less than 1 million,resolution not less than 720TVL)are installed on both sides of the inner wall of each intelligent long and short gun cabinet.Cabinet personnel and internal guns are monitored in real time without dead ends.It can be screened through the guns and ammunition intelligent management system,and real-time remote video view the status of any gun in any gun cabinet.   12.Through infrared detection,pressure sensor or mechanical lock mode,it can achieve the function of in-position detection of guns and alarm of illegal departure,and report to the platform for record at the same time.   13.The cabinet power input is 220VAC;output:12V(stabilized voltage).   14.When an abnormal alarm occurs,the alarm simultaneous interpreter should be activated.
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YY-H-03 type product name: YY-H-03 medium and heavy shelf
Product model: YY-H-03 type Product name: YY-H-03 medium and heavy shelf Specification: W2000XD600XH2000 Product Category: Storage Equipment Series
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YY-H-02 heavy shelf
Product model: YY-H-02 type Product name: YY-H-02 heavy duty rack Specification: W2000XD600XH2000 Product Category: Storage Equipment Series
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YY-H-01 Medium Shelves
Product model: YY-H-01 type Product Name: YY-H-01 Medium Shelf Specification: W2000XD600XH2000 Product Category: Storage Equipment Series
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YY-S-G01 Ancient Books Bookcase
Product model: YY-S-G01 type Product name: YY-S-G01 Ancient Bookcase Specification: W1000XD650XH2100 Product Category: Book Equipment Series
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YY-MS-X1 Oak flat plate guard book shelf
Product model: YY-MS-X1 type Product name: YY-MS-X1 oak flat panel bookcase Specification: W900XD450XH2000 Product Category: Book Equipment Series
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YY-Q-01 Double-column double-sided steel-wood periodical rack
Product model: YY-Q-01 type Product name: YY-Q-01 double-column double-sided steel-wood journal rack Specification: W900*650*2000
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YY-ZM-01 Double-column Intelligent File Shelves
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YY-ZM-02 Intelligent File Shelves
Product model: YY-ZM-02 type Product name: YY-ZM-02 Smart File Shelves Specification: W900XD550XH2400 (can be customized according to customers) Product Category: File Equipment Series
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YY-ZM-03 Smart File Shelves (Triangle Button)
  Product model:YY-ZM-03 type   Product name:YY-ZM-03 Smart File Shelves   Specification:W900XD550XH2400(can be customized according to customers)   Product Category:File Equipment Series   Main features of the product:   Main features:   1.All-round operation function   The intelligent file storage rack is an intelligent network storage rack integrating manual,electric and computer control,which can realize remote operation and macro-automatic rack control.The three transmission modes are independent and do not affect each other.   2.Flexible curve operation function driven by low voltage brushless DC motor   It is driven by a low-voltage brushless DC motor of≤150W,and the driver and the frame controller need to adopt an embedded integrated circuit board to maximize electromagnetic compatibility and reliability and stability.It adopts a flexible curve operation mode of quick start,high speed operation and soft closing.Compact structure,low noise,maintenance-free,long life,durable,and completely collision-free operation.   3.Full voice tracking prompt   With high-quality voice broadcast and control functions,users can directly use the natural combination of voice command words and column numbers in the warehouse to control the left and right movement,closing,ventilation,and stop operations of any column frame.After the administrator enters the rack,the file storage location is automatically given and the broadcast function is provided.It also has the function of voice announcements,message functions,and the user to modify and customize the prompt function at any time.   4.Intrinsically safe personnel protection function   The anti-pinch design with artificial intelligence technology can automatically adapt to various load conditions and is the ultimate safety assurance technology for intrinsic safety.At the same time,it is equipped with multiple safety protection functions such as infrared human body induction protection device and anti-dumping protection device to ensure the safe operation of the dense rack.   Five,intelligent automatic ventilation function   The ventilation conditions can be set independently by the user,and the distance is even during ventilation,so that the dense racks are evenly opened.Natural ventilation is the most economical anti-mildew measure for archives.   6.Graphical display function of rack operation and file status   The LCD screen of the dense shelf panel can display the running status of the dense shelf and the storage status of the file,including the running time,temperature and humidity display,file query,in-warehouse and out-of-warehouse conditions.It is convenient for users to check the file storage situation and warehouse environment,which greatly improves the informatization level of file management.   7.Intelligent file management software and interface   Using the powerful management function of the computer,combined with the classified statistics of the statistical data,and the borrowing of the log,the file data can be scientifically managed.It can be placed automatically according to classification,disordered placement,orderly management,or batch shelving can also be realized.According to different file types,different managers can choose different areas as management areas,and different file types as management types.At the same time,it has a variety of database interface functions:support PDA(or barcode scanner),wireless data collection and control functions of smart phone terminals;support remote monitoring,multi-monitoring center functions;support smoke alarm,fire linkage SMS alarm function,etc.
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YY-ZM-04 Smart base map compact rack
Product model: YY-ZM-04 type Product name: YY-ZM-04 Smart base map compact rack Specification: W5400XD1000XH2400 (can be customized according to customers) Product Category: File Equipment Series
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YY-ZM-05 Intelligent Combat Readiness Intensive Cabinet
 The combat readiness intensive cabinet is also called the earthquake and disaster prevention intensive cabinet,which can quickly and effectively protect the transfer of important data in the event of disasters or emergencies.
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YY-MS-X2 Oak antique guard board bookshelf
Product model: YY-MS-X2 type Product name: YY-MS-X2 oak antique guard board bookshelf Specification: W900XD450XH2000 Product Category: Book Equipment Series
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